This form is for our customers that pretty much know what they want.

  • You either already have a kitchen design or
  • You have a list of cabinets or
  • You have a simple drawing showing wall lengths, window sizes and locations, and appliance locations
  • If you need design help you should just book a “Free Design Consult” with one of our designers here.

We have included a couple of  “Sample Designs”  below. Our goal is to get your quote back to you within 48 hours. 80% of our cabinets can have a turn around time of 9 days or less. Others 3 weeks, and our semi custom line 4-5 weeks.

Our Internet Quotes are done by:

  • Jen White 651-226-3145 ( call or text ) or

Feel free reach out to Jen if you have questions or concerns or even if you’re under a quick timeline.