Joe White

Lead Designer

Joe has seamlessly collaborated with a myriad of professionals, including builders, contractors, interior designers, real estate investors, and, of course, homeowners. As a seasoned kitchen designer, Joe's expertise revolves around the intricate interplay of space, measurements, and flow.

What sets Joe apart is not just his technical proficiency but his innate ability to infuse the design process with a sense of joy and entertainment. Transforming the creation of functional spaces into an enjoyable experience is Joe's forte. His passion for crafting aesthetically pleasing and practical kitchens shines through every project, leaving clients with spaces that resonate with both style and functionality.

A native of Louisiana, Joe's upbringing included stints in Alabama and 23 years in St Petersburg, FL. In 1993, serendipity brought Joe and his wife Jenny together in St. Petersburg, FL, Jenny, a proud Portsmouth, NH native, hails from a family deeply rooted in business, with her brother Kevin Slover being the (Mostly Retired) owner of Universal Factory Direct, LLC. (Jenny is also a kitchen designer & hot tub specialist here at Universal)

In 1999, the couple embarked on a new chapter, moving with their one-year-old daughter Madisan to Syracuse, NY, to establish a furniture business. The venture thrived, prompting a relocation to Eagan, MN, and, in 2001, the arrival of their son Foster. Over the years, their furniture enterprise organically evolved into a flourishing kitchen cabinet & hot tub business, eventually culminating in a successful sale in 2013.

In 2015, the family found a new home in Portsmouth, NH, marking another chapter in their journey. While the details of their story are rich and multifaceted, we'll save those intricacies for another time. In 2020, Madisan, their daughter, celebrated her graduation from UNH and now resides in Boston, where she contributes her skills to the dynamic world of Influencer Marketing. Foster, their son, graduated from Endicott College in 2023 and currently channels his creativity as a video and podcast editor, specializing in stand-up comedy.

(July 2016)

(Sept 2023)

Joe joined the Universal Team in May of 2015. Joe works 6 days a week with his day off is Sunday, but is willing to come in for a design on Sunday if needed. 

Hobbies: Pickleball, Boating, Fishing, Crossfit, Karaoke, Patriots, Vikings and Buccaneers football. Smoking Brisket, Ribs & Pork Bellies.  

Most notable halloween costume: 2019 Big Bird - won $200 1st Place Prize, mainly for his moves on the dance floor… Ask him, he'll show you the pics..

Claim to Fame: As a 15 year old in Little League Baseball Joe hit 2 back to back home runs with a broken arm in a cast.

You can schedule your ------ Free Design & Quote Here ------- In 2018 over 48% of their business was repeat customers or referrals...It's simple when you take care of your customers, they take care of you. Their over 350 online reviews help to spread the word as well.

Andy Cole

Andy has been designing kitchens, bathrooms and spaces throughout the home for more than 10 years and he is the only designer in the area who has a background with cabinet installation.  This experience along with his time as a real estate agent give him a well-rounded view to efficiently design your kitchen……saving you time and money.  Thorough and creative, Andy takes the time to walk clients through the choices in creating or redesigning a space, simplifying the process and making it comfortable and enjoyable!   

When not at the office, you’ll find Andy spending time with his wife Krystal and two daughters Avery and Brynn, coaching soccer/basketball/soccer (depending on the season), or working on another house flip.

Jenny Slover White

Jenny is Joe’s wife ( and the owners sister) and she does all of our online quotes for kitchen designs. Jenny has designed over 300 kitchens & has a real nack for overall interior design. Putting a space together with colors, textures and the details that personalize your space. Jenny is a certified in kitchen design and joined the Universal Team in April of 2018.

Hobbies: Yoga, Workouts, Boating, See Joe’s hobbies above…

Mark Slover

Mark is our warehouse & operations manager and is the guy that runs and knows where everything is in our warehouse.. He manages the delivery crew, cabinet prep and general operations in the warehouse. If you need a piece of espresso filler or just a open box item for a laundry room Marks your guy. Mark lives in Portsmouth, has a koi pond and enjoys late afternoon walks to the couch for some R & R... Mark lives and breaths Universal.. and will do anything needed to make it happen.

Angela Ducette

Angela is our Office Manager, Purchasing Agent, HR Department and most importantly Payroll. If you have some juicy gossip you go to Angela first. She aslo has every detail on every customer purchase.

Jake Slover - Jake

Jake RIP Oct 18, 2023 - Always in our hearts

(Goldendoodle) is our warehouse Mascot and really keeps the squirl, chipmunk, and turkey populations down around the office.. Dont be surprised if he is laying in the parking lot on a hot day, he just hangs around. As people arrive he greats them with a howel and brings them into the warehouse, and as you come in he usually announces wouth a happy howel as well.. Jake loves, chasing squirrels, chipmunks and really anything... also loves the boat and jet ski.. He's an amazing dog..

Kevin Slover - Founder ( Retired )

Established in 1998 with a Red F150 and his son Kolby buckled in the front seat delivering mattresses and furniture. UFD started as Universal Furniture & Mattress in storage lockers across the street from our current warehouse.. The concept was simple a great marketing system and great deals.. Selling mattresses and cherrywood dining room sets.. The business quickly evolved into many lines of furniture all with great deals .. The mantra ... cut out "The Middle Man" keep our overhead low and pass those savings along to the customer.. In 2002 we added hot tubs and sold 350 hot tubs a year all over New England.. They had great deals and the word spread.... In 2007 Universal purchased their 25,000 sq ft building, the business operates out of 1 side and the other side has been rented to the same tenent for the last 8 years. In 2007 UFD stumbled into the kitchen cabinet business applying the same marketing and "cut out the middleman" strategy ... At that time UFD sold only 4 styles of cabinets.. Now its evolved to 6 brands and an unlimited selection.

You can schedule your ------ Free Design & Quote Here ------- In 2018 over 48% of their business was repeat customers or referral...It's simple when you take care of your customers and they take care of you. Their over 180 online reviews help to spread the word as well.

Warehouse & Delivery Manager

Mark Slover
603-969-2646 (Call or Text)

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